Book Signing and Meet the Author

Children who love to read, find it an exciting time to Meet the Author and have a book personally autographed to them. We find it a thrilling time to plant seeds of encouragement to struggling students and aspiring writers. This time should be set-aside for students to be called to the library and have about 1-2 minutes with the author at the book-signing table.

BAYOU TOWN Productions will bring books on the day of the event. It will be necessary to have one or two people assigned as book-signing helpers who will insert the information sheets returned by the parents, showing us that the child has purchased the book and to whom the book should be autographed.

Parents should make their checks out to the school, PTO or sponsoring group and one check for the full amount should be made to BAYOU TOWN Productions and presented to us by the end of the day.

* * * * * * *