A most ideal environment for holding a book-signing event is the school library. The author/puppet area will need to be an area of about 5 feet wide by 4 feet deep within 25 feet of an electrical outlet. It is also helpful to have a table available for the author to meet students and sign books. Photography is allowed and welcomed during the event and book signing. The Reading portion of the book-signing event lasts 30 minutes with each group. The Reading is most effective with younger audiences of pre-school through third grade. We require one chaperone per 30 students. We also require a host to stay with us during the entire event.

The Reading portion of our visit is a fun and exciting time for children to play and interact with the picture book story. Cherie Schadler will read Welcome To Bayou Town!, the first book of the series, while Mr. Boudreaux and Alfons the pet alligator (puppet friends) help bring the story to life for the children. In this book, readers journey with Cher, (the child narrator) through a Louisiana swamp and bayou to visit her dear friends the Boudreaux family. Readers discover unusual wildlife, lifestyle and character as they meet the main characters and have an exciting romp of “Alligator Keep Away!” The Bayou Town village is the central location where children learn about how to build good character and relationship skills through the Boudreaux family and their adventures.

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