Bayou Town Productions, LLC

BAYOU TOWN Musical Puppet Theater

Author Visit

Mr. Boudreaux and Alfons at the BAYOU TOWN General Store

BAYOU TOWN Musical Puppet Theatre is a fun-filled, 30-minute, living storybook performance of "Welcome To Bayou Town!" Miss Cherie, the author/host, welcomes the audience to the unique Cajun village of Bayou Town through music, puppetry, and child-like humor. Alfons the alligator snatches Miss Cherie's hat and the Boudreaux family joins her in a rousing game of "Alligator-Keep-Away"! This 30-minute puppet presentation requires an 8' x 8' stage area in an air-conditioned room. This living storybook performance works very well combined with a book-signing event. Please call for performance cost.

Cherie with Boudreaux and Marie