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'Welcome to Bayou Town' by Cherie D. Schadler      Alfons      'When the Rains Came Down in Bayou Town' by Cherie D. Schadler     

Author, Cherie D. Schadler
visiting with BAYOU TOWN Books and Puppet Friends

Dear Parent,

     BAYOU TOWN Productions will be visiting our school on __________________(Date). Your child will be visiting with published children’s author, Cherie D. Schadler. Mrs. Schadler will be reading Welcome To Bayou Town!, the first book of the BAYOU TOWN series, while Mr. Boudreaux and Alfons the pet alligator (puppet friends) will help bring the story to life for the children. In this book, readers journey with Cher, (the child narrator) through a Louisiana swamp and bayou to visit her dear friends the Boudreaux family. Readers discover the fun and unusual wildlife and lifestyle of south Louisiana as they meet the main characters and have an exciting romp of “Alligator Keep Away!” The Bayou Town village is the central location where children learn how to build good character and relationship skills through the Boudreaux family and their adventures.

     During her visit, Mrs. Schadler will be autographing book for our students. This is an opportunity for you to purchase a book(s) or tape(s) for your child at a special discounted price. If you are interested in purchasing for your child, please fill out the form below, making sure to clearly print the name(s) of person(s) the book will be autographed to.

     Please return the form with your money to your child’s teacher by ____________________(Date). Your child will receive his or her book on the day of the event.

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Please cut along the dotted line and return the Order Form below to your child’s teacher.
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ORDER FORM for BAYOU TOWN Books and Tapes

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(Clearly print the name(s) to whom the book(s) will be autographed.)

(Clearly print the name(s) to whom the book(s) will be autographed.)

(For additional copies, print names on the back of this page.)

Welcome to Bayou Town! - (Book) $13.00 (x) __________ = $_________________
Welcome to Bayou Town! - (Cassette) $ 9.00 (x) __________ = $_________________
When The Rain Came Down In Bayou Town! - (Book) $13.00 (x) __________ = $_________________
TOTAL AMOUNT DUE: $_________________

(Please make checks for full amount payable to _____________________________________________.)